Monday, 4 February 2013

Drupal 7 - Bundle Copy Module to Export Content Types, Taxonomies from One Site to Another Site

Bundle Copy module is used to export / import below listed data from Drupal 7. It is a replacement of Content Copy in Drupal 6

  1. Node types
  2. Taxonomy
  3. User
  4. Field API fields
  5. Field groups
  6. Field Collection
We can find the export/import links for the supported entities on following paths:
  1. Nodes: admin/structure/types
  2. Taxonomy: admin/structure/taxonomy
  3. Users: admin/config/people/accounts
Usage Instructions:

Step1: Download Bundle Copy from Drupal site.

Step2: Bundle Copy module is dependent on CTOOLS Module
Step 3: Enable both the modules in Site1 & Site2.

Step 4: Goto Content Type Page Listing Page in Site1.
Step 5: There we could able to see two more tabs "Export" and Import

Step 6: Click on Export Tab on top right corner.

Stepp 7: Select the Content Type that we would like to Export and click on Next Button
Step 8: Select the Fields that we would like to export.

Step 9: Copy the Selected Content Type Export Array.
Step 10: Go to Site2 Admin Panel
Step 11: Go to content types listing page.

Step 12: Click on Import tab on Right corner of the page.
Step 13: Paste Content Type array in Import data textarea that we have copied from Site1.
Step 14: Click on Import button.

Step 15: We have successfully imported the Content Type in Site 2.

We could able to see the change in Content Types List Page
Same Procedure applies for Taxonomy and other areas as well.
Reference Video

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