Monday, 17 December 2012

Drupal - Sharing Content between different Domains in Multisite Approach

1.       Sharing content with Servicesand Deploy [Not a Recommended approach as Deploy Module is not stabilized]
a.       TheServices module provides all of the architecture required for sharing content.
b.      But it doesn't provide an easy-to-use interface for sharing.
c.       The Deploy Module can be used to move content from one server to another.
d.      The canonical case for Deploy is running a staging server (where content is authored) and a live server (where users come to view the content), and deploying content from the staging server onto the live server as it is ready.
e.      The Drupal 7 deploy module release has not yet stabilized.
2.       Domain Access Module for Content Sharing.
a.       In Drupal, we have a module called "Domain" []
b.      If we would like share only concent between the sites, we can take Domain Module Approach with a Single Database Solution.
c.       There is only one administration interface for all of the sites.
d.      If various sites should be managed by different administrators, it can be tricky (and sometimes impossible) to grant the right level of permissions to the different administrators. It is not a suggested approach
e.      The Domain Access module is the best choice if content sharing only is a requirement for your multi-site configuration.
f.        But be aware that it is complicated and requires detailed knowledge of Drupal concepts and components.
3.       Virtual Site Module for Content Sharing [Not Recommended as the dependency module is not available]
a.       In Drupal, we have a module called "Virtual Site" []
b.      This module depends on another module called "condition" [This module is not released for Drupal 7]
c.       Virtual Site and Domain Access have substantial feature overlap.
d.      It will support different themes, different site names, and different menus.
e.      It can be configured to serve a different "site" to mobile browsers than to desktop browsers.
f.        Virtual Site shares one database (and one set of nodes, comments, users, and so on) for all of the virtual sites it hosts.

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