Friday, 7 December 2012

Drupal 6 - Disable Drupal Caching

  1. Create a Custom Module in sites/all/modules.
  2. Write the below two function in CustomModule.Info file in Custom Module Folder
/* Disable Cache of Drupal */
function mycustommodule_caching_disable() {
    variable_set('cache_inc', './includes/');
/* Disable Cache of Drupal */

/* Enable Cache of Drupal */
function mycustommodule_caching_enable() {
/* Enable Cache of Drupal */

Note: Those two functions are Custom Functions not Drupal hook functions. So,
  1. If you want to disable the Caching, Call "mycustommodule_caching_disable".
  2. If you want to re enable the Caching, Call "mycustommodule_caching_enable".

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