Tuesday, 3 July 2012

What are the Variables in Node.tpl.php

Node content, teaser if it is a summary.

Formatted creation date.

The directory the theme is located in, e.g. themes/garland.

The sequential ID of the node being displayed in a list.

True if the front page is currently being displayed.

Node links.

Formatted name of author.

$node (object)
The node object.

Link to node.

True if the node is being displayed by itself as a page.

HTML for user picture, if enabled.

True if the node is sticky.

Author and create date, if the node info display is enabled for this node type.

$taxonomy (array)
array of HTML links for taxonomy terms.

Only returns the teaser rather than the full node text.

HTML for taxonomy terms.

Title of node.

Alternates between odd/even in a list.

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