Monday, 2 July 2012

How do you copy and move objects between different GUI map files?

We can copy and move objects between different GUI Map files using the GUI Map Editor. The steps to be followed are:
  1. Choose Tools > GUI Map Editor to open the GUI Map Editor.
  2. Choose View > GUI Files.
  3. Click Expand in the GUI Map Editor. The dialog box expands to display two GUI map files simultaneously.
  4. View a different GUI map file on each side of the dialog box by clicking the file names in the GUI File lists.
  5. In one file, select the objects you want to copy or move. Use the Shift key and/or Control key to select multiple objects. To select all objects in a GUI map file, choose Edit > Select All.
  6. Click Copy or Move.
  7. To restore the GUI Map Editor to its original size, click Collapse.

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